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"Zodiac Mirror" is an unprecedented offer that combines my artistic talent with my knowledge of astrology. My way of interpreting your astrological theme, "translate"what i see and paint it.

Is a graphic translation of what the stars say about you. In Zodiac Mirror YOUR BIRTH CHART TAKES the shapes of your personality.

AN ART WORK AND PERSONAL MYTHOLOGIE that lasts and remain with you. A personalized gifth for special ocasions as births, birthdays, weddings, etc.

Zodiac Mirror is engraved using traditional technique from a contemporary perspective. Made on Vellin d'Arche paper 250gr. dimension 60 x 45cm.


Three bases to choose from

Model 1
Black base

Model 2
Black base

Model 3
Black base


Four background colors to choose from





Some examples

Example 1

Zodiac Mirror of Albert Einstein: 
The mystic physicist

Example 2

Zodiac Mirror of BarakObama
The union of the opposits.

Example 3

Zodiac Mirror of Leonardo Dicaprio:
The visual of soberness.